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"I need a business plan with realistic targets and objectives, which can also be used to attract funding"

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Business Plans ...

A well structured plan will help you to reach your targets and improve the performance of your business. At the heart of any administration system there should be a strong and realistic business plan.

By working closely with you to identify the key features of your business we can put together a robust and highly professional business plan. Each plan is tailored to the specific client needs and we do not just take a generic format and fill in the boxes, we believe that a bespoke plan also allows for discussion of the key targets. Typically the plan would include the profit and loss targets, cash flows and detailed analysis of how these are broken down. Also we would include some key targets which may not be financial, such as number of units sold, forward contracts for example.

The business plan also forms the link between the management data and the reporting/year end. We carefully consider the ability to report progress against the plan. Once the plan is agreed we help you to make meaningful comparisons and progress reports. When the balance is right the outcome is a high degree of control and understanding of your business.